Software Development

Cairn Solutions have a high level of experience in all types of architecture and software. This knowledge is put to great use making sure that you as the customer gets the best software suited to your business needs. The software we employ is a good mix of both commercial and open source. All of our engineers and developers have a passion for the software they support and as such always push the software to the limits, endeavouring to get the best out of the software for you, the customer.
Here at Cairn Solutions we have a good working relationship with many software houses and distributors. As such we are able to leverage good discounts.
Our team not only write the software, but also install and support it. This type of structured approach gives the customers the best solutions possible. They get the software they need, written by the engineer who installs and supports it going forward.
We also ensure that every member of our team is involved with the software developement at some stage to allow for cross functionality and ease of support.