Improving medicines adherence, improving lives

MDS stands for Monitored Dose System, but quite misleadingly, traditional MDS approaches do not monitor anything – medicines are simply organised by day of the week and the time of the day (morning, noon, evening etc). Whilst this system certainly helps the patient not to mix up their medicines and doses there are no obvious monitoring of what has been taken and when.

If we inspect a regular MDS blister pack after use, we will see that some, or hopefully all administered cells were broken. However, that does not tell us if the administered medicines were opened and consumed at the correct time. i.e. the patient forgets their morning dose but doubles up and takes it with their afternoon dose thinking that it should be ok. Worse still takes all the medicines for two days at once.

smartMDS is a technology solution, developed to fill this verification void. By utilising the Internet of Things approach we are able to offer key features that traditional MDS systems lack:

Detect patient adherence

Printable electronics allowed us to develop a tailored sensor system, which is able to detect if and when a particular cell in the blister pack is breached.

Keep accurate use records

Once an adherence schedule is agreed with the patient and loaded into the system, we are able to determine if the user is opening their medicine cells within the required timeframe. We also provide these records to corresponding doctors, carers and pharmacists (were required), thus making them aware of any adherence anomalies.

Alarm users when it is time to take their medicines

Having pre-defined medication schedules allows us to notify and remind our users to take their medication during the required timeframe. This can be accomplished using their own smartphones or by in-house alerters that emit audio visual alerts.