Diabetic patients often find it hard to consistently keep their insulin usage diary. This diary plays a key role in understanding their insulin usage, as an over or under dose can have devastating consequences for patients. It should also be noted that over time many insulin users find the constant record keeping a tedious task albeit a required task.

By coating a regular insulin pen with our own shell, we are able to record when and how much insulin a patient has taken. The pen is paired with the patient’s smartphone via our app and as and when a dose is administered we send the information to our message broker where the information is picked up by the monitoring and recording system and the information is stored and displayed as and when required. The monitoring system checks the usage against stored parameters and will create alerts that are forwarded to the patient or designated others should there be a perceived issue with the amount or lack of insulin taken over a given period.

The key advantage here, is that this is all automatic – once set up, patient’s use their insulin pens in the same manner as they previously did. All other tasks (recording and syncing with web server, etc) run quietly in the background and do not require user interaction. By adopting this approach, we hope to eliminate inconsistent usage diaries, and provide patients with complete records of their insulin adherence.

Obviously none of the major elements required for this project could be currently purchased off the shelf and adopted into the pen. This is where the Cairn Labs design team come into their own. Using their wealth of experience they designed the printed circuit boards (PCB) that would be required to house the selected electronics. After this they designed and manufactured the housing for the PCB and produced fully working prototypes that communicated via Bluetooth with IOS and Android smartphones and transmitted their data to the Internet.

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